Replace all missing teeth

Dental Implant Paris

Pre-implant examination

The Dr. Jean-Eric Lachaux, Dentist in Paris 14 and his team will establish with you a general clinical and oral assessment.

If necessary, an X-ray or possibly a 3D dental scan will be scheduled. A prosthetic and surgical treatment plan will be given to you after this examination.

Dental implant placement

After the placement of the dental implants, the Dr. Jean-Eric Lachaux, Dentist in Paris 14 and his team will be able to attach a temporary dental appliance to the dental implants.

The time of osseointegration can vary depending on each individual. On average, a final full dental bridge is placed within 3 to 6 months.

Full bridge placement on All-on-6 dental implants

After a check of the osseointegration of the dental implants, this is the last step of the treatment.
You will be able to make a choice of different bridges on implants dentaires :

All-on-6 bridge on machined CrCo frame.

All-on-6 bridge on titanium frame machined.

Bridge complete on dental implants All-on-6

The All-on-6 system was developed during the 1990s to provide a simple treatment option for the patient. The goal is to place a fixed prosthesis on dental implant in a single day.

With the All-on-6 approach the patient is never without teeth.

The patient will need to return for checkups during the weeks following the procedure.

After a healing period of 3 to 6 months, once the dental implants are well fused to the bone, impressions will be taken and a final prosthesis made. This prosthesis is just as beautiful as the first one, but is more solid and durable. This new prosthesis will restore aesthetic and masticatory functions for many years.

All the pleasure is back

You can now fully enjoy your new teeth.

All the essential functions are back: smile aesthetics, chewing function, and maintenance of facial features.
You can eat whatever you like again!