Dental aesthetic consultation in Paris 14

Because being able to smile changes your life, making luxury dental aesthetics accessible is our philosophy (veneers, transparent aligners, ceramic crowns). This is now possible thanks to our digital technology and the 100% health plan..

Our activity is multidisciplinary: we take care of patients in a global way with a detailed treatment plan. The first aesthetic consultation allows us to define with you which solution is the most adapted to your needs and expectations.

Of course, so that the financial aspect is never a bad surprise, an estimation is systematically given before any treatment as well as a study of mutual coverage.

Dentist Paris

It’ s with Doctor Pierre Zhang, dental surgeon, that the consultation will take place



It is used to dress teeth that are considered unsightly due to their shape or position, and to correct their color and surface appearance.


Tooth whitening allows you to gain up to 2 shades of color in 2 weeks through an ambulatory treatment (at home) via custom-made aligners.


The ceramic or zirconium crown is a fixed prosthesis in the shape of a tooth, fixed on the original tooth previously prepared.