Advice on the intervention

Advice on the intervention

Advice before surgery

The Dental Office offers you some advice before your implant surgery. You are about to have a surgery.

It is important to read and follow these instructions :

Come dressed comfortably.

Do not wear makeup.

Since this is a procedure performed under local anesthesia, it is important to eat before the procedure. Eat breakfast or lunch as usual.

Take your usual medications unless instructed otherwise.

Take your pre-medication according to the instructions on the prescription provided by your dental surgeon.

It is normal to have some anxiety before surgery. Do not hesitate to discuss this with your dental surgeon.

Advice after surgery

In order to accompany you as best as possible after your dental surgery, the Dental Office gives you valuable advice to follow. You have just had an operation. It is important to take note of the following advice:

Gestures to avoid

After the operation, make sure not to bite the sleeping areas: cheeks, lips, tongue.

Avoid smoking. For smokers, the risk of failure and complications increases to 10%.

Avoid violent physical efforts.

Do not consume hot food or drinks.

Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.

The first two nights, sleep in a semi-sitting position to facilitate drainage of the surgical area during the night.


When the anesthesia wears off, a painful sensation will appear.

Depending on your physical condition, it may be a simple discomfort or a more marked pain.

We advise you to take the prescribed painkillers at regular times.


Localized swelling or edema may form progressively and will not subside until the third day, but this should not worry you. This is a normal post-operative reaction and depends on each individual.

The application of ice on the outside of the cheek, protected by a cloth, during the hours following the operation, will reduce it and also reduce the pain. In all cases, for both pain and swelling, cold (anti-inflammatory) is needed, not heat.


Discreet bleeding that turns the saliva red is normal on the second and third days following surgery.

In case of real bleeding, only a compression for 30 to 60 minutes, watch in hand, with a compress, on the hemorrhagic zone, will allow the organization of the blood clot.