Implant maintenance

Implant maintenance

Following a dental implant placement, precautions must be taken and good maintenance is recommended.

After an implant treatment, you have your smile back and you want it to last over time. It is therefore essential to take care of it so that its life span is optimal.

In addition, even though implant treatment is a reliable and long-lasting treatment, poor oral hygiene could harm its durability.
This is why it is important to perform implant maintenance.

This maintenance allows us to detect possible complications or misdeeds such as bone loss around the dental implant, gum loss or even the mobility of the dental implant.

Thus, a check-up and maintenance appointment will allow a quick detection.

This is essential in order to treat the problem as soon as possible and thus avoid the failure of the implant treatment.

What are the risks?

As with natural teeth, implants can become loose. This phenomenon is called “periimplantitis” and occurs as a result of an inflammatory reaction. Generally, this phenomenon is due to poor cleaning around the implants and therefore to an accumulation of bacteria.

In rarer cases, mechanical complications can occur following implant placement. These different risks can occur at any time and therefore also some time after the operation.

How to maintain your implants ?

It is essential to brush your teeth rigorously in the morning and evening, more precisely at the junction between the implant and the gum. You should not neglect the use of: interdental brushes, dental jet…
It is recommended to use them at least once a day to optimize the elimination of bacteria between the teeth.

Make an appointment with your dental surgeon on a regular basis to schedule check-ups. This includes follow-up x-rays.

Frequent visits are also an opportunity to perform a professional, thorough cleaning to remove as much bacteria as possible.