Invisible orthodontics in Paris 14 A transparent teeth alignment

Once reserved for children, orthodontics is now available for adults with impressive results. Invisible orthodontics is a recent and rapidly growing technology. A system of transparent, custom-made aligners that gently corrects misalignments of the teeth by applying particularly low forces.

The treatment

This invisible alignment protocol can be performed by a dentist, unlike the traditional treatment with braces and wires, which can only be performed by an orthodontist. This saves a lot of time and comfort for the patient, as the entire smile rehabilitation treatment takes place in the same dental office environment.


Invisible aligners are recommended in cases of

Overlapping teeth

Misaligned teeth

Too much space between teeth

Missing teeth


Custom-made equipment

Almost invisible

Removable: can be removed to eat, drink, brush teeth

Hygienic: possibility to brush your teeth, less risk of cavities

Comfortable and painless

How does the treatment work?

1. First consultation

Your Dental Surgeon performs an initial examination and takes an impression of your teeth.

3. Start of treatment

Worn daily, the invisible aligners will gradually and gently align your teeth. You change aligners every two weeks.

2. Second appointment

A detailed treatment plan is proposed to you (number of aligners needed, duration and cost of treatment). After your approval, your aligners are custom-made.

4. End of the treatment

You will have a harmonious smile and a functional alignment.